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Chandrasekharan pen name chans born and brought up in kerala-india
Former executive member of KeralaLalithakala Akademi and also member
of SahithyaAkademi. Also worked as an artdirector in film industry.
Achieved first and foremost A S illustration Award in the year 2005

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The computer mouse and pad have not disturbed my craft

I am a painter Iwant to share my art with the world as well as to sell..

of course,it may be a true thinking that there are no such norms and regulations stipulated in the art of painting. Any artforms including the art of painting has no barriers like water,air or fire and it connects the world rather than divide. An artist can use his brush,interprets the media , explains the aesthetics of his creations and illustrates. An artist’s extraordinary mind full of inspiration and imagination happens to be the edifice of painted brush that is mattered.
With this inview famous laureate and crirtic late M N Vijayan once pointed out that an artist’s imagination and colourful creations appearing on the paper or canvas by not using his own hand but with the brush.
Introducing myself as an artist I am to say that I began my artistic journey from orginality of vision and newness of ideas for the last 38 years. I tried my best to define a different trajectory in the art of world by exploiting the computermedia which proclaims my artistic creativity. As a result a lot of works to my credit.
An exhibition of my paintings and illustrations conducted in 2005 at Calicut A large collec-tion of my painting‘s using computer technology was also exhibited.The exhibition which proclaimed my individual artistic creativity attracted thousands of art lovers in and out of state. Both printed and visual media highlighted I am on the way to display some of my bests through selected sites. .I am pinning my hopes on selling my paintings on request. Those who are showing interest in the art of painting can cooperate with my endeavour. I will make available of digital prints on canvas or on paper (with frame or with out frame) asper the requirements I am expecting a good and favorable response.

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SOMETIME IN August 1997, the literary critic M.N.Vijayan worte in his column in the Deshabhimani weekly that the illustrations of Chans (chandrasekharan) were “bold and sure” Then, as the editor of the publication, he described Chans’ artistic works asa blend
of the classical style and the modern. Chans’ sketches belonged to the classic- realistic style that stood far from the romantic style, he worte. On Tuesday, while inaugurating Chans’ maiden exhibition ‘Pen to Graphics’ organised by the Purogamana Kala Sahitya Sangham
at the Kozhikode Town Hall, Vijayan did not deviate from what he had written about the illustrator seven years ago.“Like a writer who had few doubts about his vocabulary, Chans’ brushes had few doubts as a painter,’ he sad. Vijayan went on to speak about how new
technology had influenced Chans. ‘The inventions in science and technology have created hurdles in the field of imagination. But chandrasekharan knows how to overcome them. He has a mind that fears not the developments in the future.’ So, what inspired Chandrasekharan to hold an exhibition now ? ‘I had quite a few collections. Well-wishers suggested I conduct an exhibition. Then with an animation software, I re- worked some of the collections. This is how the exhibition materialised.’ said Chandrasekharan.
A majority of the graphics accompanying stories, poems and write-ups these days dwell too much on the abstract. An abstract drawing is imposed on the reader, said Chandrasekharan, who was an executive member of the Kerala lalithakala Akademi and member of Sahitya
Akademi. In a career spanning 34 years, Chans has worked as an artist for the Deshamani weekly, while simultaneously contributing to publications such as
India Today,Madhyamam,Vanitha, Manorama Annual, Sthreesabdam andChitrabhoomi.
The illustrations on display at the exhibition include his earlier drawings as well as the recent ones. Most were from the Deshabhimani, as also sketches that accompanied the stories of N.S.Madhavan, M.Mukundan and Kamala Suraiyya in the annual of the Malayala
Manorama, and Balachandran Chullikad’s poem in memory of filmmaker Padmarajan in India Today.
The drawings on display are impressive- from the unquestionable lines to the non-ostentatious images. An undisturbed craft The mouse and the pad have not disturbed his craft- whether it is the illustration of a festival or the postman and the woman, an artist atwork, a scene beside a dead body, cameraman on his job or those accompanying the serialised memoirs of former Chief Secreetary D.Babu Paul in a local Malayalam magazine. As Vijayan said, Chans knows the language of the brush without getting diverted by technology. ‘And that is his right and freedom’ he added.

By Biju Govind
12. 01. 2005

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